March 21, 2017

Download Apps Graphic Design Art APK for Android

Download Apps Graphic Design Art APK for Android From Gretongan in Photography Category
Graphic designers/artists design graphics in order to use in media products for example magazines, labels, advertising and signage. Typical activities include:

Liaising with clients to find out their requirements and budget
Managing client proposals from typesetting by way of design, print and production
Working with clients, briefing and advising them regard to development style, format, print production and timescales
Developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites
Determining size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and font style and size
Preparing rough drafts of cloth based on an agreed brief
Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements if required
Liaising with external printers regularly to ensure deadlines are met and material is printed to your highest quality

Graphic designers work mainly nine-to-five, but deadlines might need working additional hours. Opportunities for graphic designers appear in cities through the country, although freelance designers perform from home.

Career development will probably require frequent job movement to widen your experience and develop your portfolio.

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Download Game Blowling King Apk for Android

Download Game Blowling King Apk for Android From Gretongan in Sport Category

*** World's Greatest 1-on-1 Multiplayer Bowling : Bowling King! ***
*** Bowl against players around the globe and become Bowling King! ***
*** Download cell phone free! ***

* Features
- Intuitive tap-and-swipe control
- Fantastic Bowling alleys worldwide : Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris plus much more!
- Gorgeous 60+ Bowling Balls, 27 Pins & Lanes to show off your class.
- 1-on-1 Mode : Real-time and speedy 1-on-1 multiplayer match!
- Tournaments: Multiplayer tournaments matches to win a lot of chips!
- Challenge Mode : Clear various stages and take rewards free of charge!
- Play with your pals : Bowl together with friends and family anytime anywhere!
- Mini Games : Slot and Roulette chances!
- 5 Rankings are positioned for you to rise through.
- 120+ Achievements.
- Multi Language support : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

* This game requires net connection.
* Play on the Web at
* Follow us on Facebook :

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March 16, 2017

Download Apps Light Flow Apk for Android

Download Apps Light Flow Apk for Android From Gretongan in Tools Category

Light flow permits you to take charge of the notifications on your own device.

It's main features are:
- Controlling the notification LED for phones who have them (cycling colors through outstanding notifications)
- Sound control, including repeating sounds
- Vibration control, including custom vibration patterns and repeating vibrations
- Android wear vibration support
- Sleep times
- Lock screen based notifications (on phones that support live wallpapers on lock screens)
- Contact specific notifications without a doubt notification types

If you've originated from a Blackberry unit and miss the options of BeBuzz / BerryBuzz then give LightFlow trying!

This app will help you to control the notification color with the over 600 applications and system events for instance:
* Missed calls
* Voice mail
* Calendar reminders
* gmail
* email
* SMS messages
* MMS messages
* Low battery
* No signal
* Google talk
* Facebook
* Twitter
...and several many more

See our website for any full number of applications supported:

It allows the colours to flash in succession, if you have a new SMS along with a missed refer to it as can alternate between your two colors. You can also set which notification type contains the highest priority and allow it to flash in a mere that one color.

It'll even push notifications seem to your pebble smart watch, Sony smart Watch as well as the DashClock lock screen extension.

For a complete changelog see here: For an entire changelog see here:

For a full listing of permissions required and why see here:

Known issues/Limitations
Samsung phones when accessibility is enabled might result in the phone to begin talking, warnings about air view plus a few other concerns. These are confirmed samsung bugs (see here: even so the app might be run devoid of the accessibility service but still work (though with a reduced notification list)

Not all phones support all colors.
For example: Most HTC phones only support 3 colors and require "Rooting" and running the app in "direct mode"

Some phones is only able to light up the notification whilst the screen is off.

Some phones cannot have their own notification light always on

Some phones cannot get their notification blink and it'll always be on

Note that it's going to take over control over your notifications and you'll therefore only get notifications for categories which the app allows.

★ We recommend you are attempting the "lite" version first before purchasing in order to avoid any disappointment whether it doesn't work for you personally. Some phones require root privileges to reach the LEDs. ★

★ For the differences between this version along with the lite version see here: ★

★ If after updating you've problems we recommend you reboot your phone ★

** Most HTC phones require "direct mode" setting. Most gingerbread builds for HTC phones require root access caused by HTC changing the permissions for the LED control files. **

** If upgrading from your "lite" version, please uninstall the lite version first however you can backup and restore settings between versions **

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Download Game Asphalt Street Storm Racing Apk for Android

Download Game Asphalt Street Storm Racing Apk for Android From Gretongan in Racing Catergory

Drive your Supercar through the world’s most glamorous cities in high-speed drag races. Raise the stakes, then smash the right path through rain, snow or scorching heat, betting pink slips to win your rival’s car.
How about multiplayer 1 VS. 3 PvP live runs? The harder the race, greater the triumph!

Collect & race cars you've owned or always thought of, which range from old-school muscle cars to high-powered Supercars. All licensed!

Whether you bet small on each run or carefully study your opponents before betting your pink slips, ¼-mile drag racing never been so intense. Bets come in single-player and multiplayer PvP battles.

Seamlessly shift from single- to multiplayer races fast for live thrills, but that’s its not all. Take part in cool races vs. 3 other players in real-time PvP clashes!

You can't predict when a drag race will throw a blizzard, pouring rain or burning heat on your path. Don't lose your grip and nitro the right path over the finish line.

Try to never be distracted with the top-quality 3D HD environments when pulling the turn on the nitro canister in 3 with the world’s top cities: New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

Whether you’re choosing looks, nitro or engine power, flick through numerous customization options, for instance decals, turbo, supercharger, nitro system, nitro canister and there are others.

Feast up your eyes on the cool visuals and sun light flow. Console-level graphics are whatever we do!

Tell us if you agree or have a look at tips:
» Forum:

Join our Racer Community!
» Facebook:
» YouTube:
» Instagram:

Visit our official site at
Check the new blog at

Don't forget to check out us on web 2 . 0:


This app means that you can purchase virtual items inside app and could contain third-party advertisements that will redirect that you a third-party site.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:
End-User License Agreement:

Bet you will have top fun with this new, free and popular racing game! Drive fast, look cool, experience the best HD 3D graphics, try out your engine’s power, bet Supercars, race in real-time PvP, dominate your rivals and turn into the best. Top nitro-powered drag racing can’t are more fun! Popular high-speed Supercars, fast races and NOS burnouts, all in HD!

Download the most beneficial all-new drag racing game now! Drive fast. Look cool. All free!

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March 11, 2017

Download Game Toaster Swipe Apk for Android

Download Game Toaster Swipe Apk for Android From Gretongan in Arcade Category

Swipe your finger to steer a little carb-hungry toaster around dangerous doughnuts, jump over spikes of angry forks, dash through mind-bending portals and bounce away from the walls, cookies and bagels to toast numerous slices of bread as possible! Power up your tiny toaster with hot coffee and tasty jam boosts to accomplish levels faster and find higher scores.

If over 30 fun levels and three increasingly difficult endless obstacle routes will not be enough, unleash your creativity in a very built-in level editor tool and create fun challenges to check the skills of one's friends!

★ 30+ levels from quite simple to pretty hard
★ 3 addictive endless obstacle courses
★ Built-in level editor
★ Funny and cute toaster outfits to unlock
★ Dozen of stats to reflect your abilities and speed
★ Tons of achievements to chase
★ Multiple leaderboards to climb & beat friends and family in
★ Piles of bread crumbs!

Toaster Swipe is undoubtedly an indie game, containing no IAP purchases, so all the fun submissions are available for free if your abilities and reflexes are perfect enough to unlock it!

Don’t lose time waiting for bread to acquire stale, swipe to toast now!

Fun Gameplay
The core gameplay objective should be to dash between slices of bread to recharge jump power of the tiny toaster character. Missing multiple toast opportunities and exercise session will ruin the climate of the toaster & you’ll have to start over from the beginning in the level.
Main goal in challenge levels is usually to dash between obstacles like cookies, donuts, forks and rehearse jam boosts and occasional breaks to attain the gold toast. No need to collect all slices of bread or quickly rush for fastest time, nonetheless it helps if you would like be the best! In the addictive endless mode routes you have to think quick and swipe fast to dodge between pseudo-random obstacle sets to leave the creeping avalanche of gum, that may chase your little toaster increasing its speed after some time.

Easy Controls
This game offers easy one finger swipe controls (however you can comfortably use both your hands on a tablet). Think about the trajectory needed to succeed in the next slice of bread, bounce off a wall or possibly a bagel and quickly drag the touch with an angle to produce our little hero as direction. Aiming the jump while transferring the air requires fast reaction & good reflexes, but playing more will allow you to master toasting skills!

Quick tip: jumping in the walls for a downwards angle will result inside a wall-slide rather then bouncing off. Use this from the challenges, the place you go from the superior to bottom or when you really need to decrease to aim your next dash.

Jars of jam will there be to help you dodge between tight obstacle gaps launching toast machine for a fixed angle and collecting coffee will permit taking a short break to aim and have a speed boost for the following jump.

Level Editor
Do you imagine you can make better levels than me? I bet one does! Hop in the level editor (free & available instantly) and commence creating challenging routes from cookies, donuts, rotating forks, breadstick gates, tricky portals, jam pads, respawning toasts and all sorts of other items, which are inside game. You can change object size, angle, flip them around or set different movement options. When done, playtest and upload the particular level for easy sharing having an unique code!

I hope you’ll to enjoy my little game! Good luck!



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Download Game Bravehearts Apk for Android

Download Game Bravehearts Apk for Android From Gretongan in Card Category

Hi guys, Is this working?
We made some game and hang it in here.
Hope everyone enjoy it.

Bravehearts is really a collectable card game(CCG/TCG) if you stack 10 attack cards to a opponent, win. With 20 varieties of cards up to now, you are able to play the game with players, friends, or alone in a single-player mode.

-Multiplayer mode
-Wi-Fi mode
-Single-player mode
-A shop isn't opened yet

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Download Game Return State Apk for Android

Download Game Return State Apk for Android From Gretongan in Action Category

ReturnState can be a Sci-Fi 2D sprite platformer. You play as Neon, the hero tasked with saving a planet that's invaded because of the evil General Tork with his fantastic army of alien monsters. Run, jump, and whip towards you to victory. Only you can return circumstances to what they were in the past.

You can run non-stop, hacking and slashing through enemies, or take some time exploring and collecting gems.

The game scales well to several screen shapes and sizes.

Designed like it were with an 8-bit or 16-bit console, but optimized to experiment with great using a touch screen.

The game is now only available in English.

* Localization Into All Major Languages
* Full Controller Support
* Alternate Retro Color Palettes
* Game Cheats
* More Secrets

IMPORTANT: Please note this game uses a screen resolution that is at least 960x540 to produce GUI elements correctly. It may be playable at lower resolutions however it is not officially supported.

Follow On Twitter:
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

ReturnState is really a trade mark of Jason Cecrle. All rights reserved.

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March 9, 2017

Download Game World of Drones War on Terror Apk for Android

Download Game World of Drones War on Terror Apk for Android From Gretongan in Action Category


In 2016 fighting terrorism has exploded into full-featured war. After a number of attacks, the planet is ruled by chaos, fear, and the ones are escaping their houses. In this war we have been losing out and individual governments can't unite to combat the evil. The last hope emerges to the secret non-governmental program involving combat drones.

You take control over the 1st prototype and also your task would be to strike deep inside enemy territory. Destroy all enemies, release the residents in the tyranny and ultimately score a final strike. Except enemies you have to address with the traps with the environment.

In the overall game you are not only combating diversified enemies and extensive technology, you might be competing against friends and players of all over the planet in online leaderboards that could decide on the very best fighter.


  • 17 challenging missions to evaluate your skills
  • Fast sci-fi action determined by real laws of physics
  • Dynamically behaving enemies
  • Destroyable environment
  • Broad opportunities of customization of one's drone
  • Amazing visuals
  • Online leaderboards, have you been can tackle your friends

The world needs you. Are you ready to save lots of it?

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Download Game Power rangers: Legacy Wars Apk for Android

Download Game Power rangers: Legacy Wars Apk for Android From Gretongan in Action Category

Rita Repulsa, the place witch, has infected the Morphin Grid, creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones designed to fight to be with her. Fight back with your own individual curated team of legendary Power Rangers and villains through the multiverse! Unlock new Rangers, update your best warriors that will create the best team to defeat Rita, and save the Morphin Grid.


Strategize, dodge and fight real players in real-time PvP and unlock different arenas from famous locations inside the movie and TV Show!

View your chosen Power Rangers and iconic moves in greater comfort. Full-blown 3D character models with stunning visuals and animations!

Unlock new Rangers and collect 40+ warriors ranging from your new movie Power Rangers to classic Rangers to villains from through the Power Rangers multiverse!

Create the top team to combat for you. With your ultimate team, it is possible to challenge top players from world wide!

Upgrade your easiest warriors with Zeo Shards earned through battles, missions and even more to increase your winning streaks and battle stats!

Build alliances to discuss, chat and trade tactics, strategy and combos! Watch replays to understand from other members and follow your selected players.

Like us on Facebook:
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Visit us on Instagram:

By downloading mafia wars, you say yes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement.

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