March 11, 2017

Download Game Toaster Swipe Apk for Android

Download Game Toaster Swipe Apk for Android From Gretongan in Arcade Category

Swipe your finger to steer a little carb-hungry toaster around dangerous doughnuts, jump over spikes of angry forks, dash through mind-bending portals and bounce away from the walls, cookies and bagels to toast numerous slices of bread as possible! Power up your tiny toaster with hot coffee and tasty jam boosts to accomplish levels faster and find higher scores.

If over 30 fun levels and three increasingly difficult endless obstacle routes will not be enough, unleash your creativity in a very built-in level editor tool and create fun challenges to check the skills of one's friends!

★ 30+ levels from quite simple to pretty hard
★ 3 addictive endless obstacle courses
★ Built-in level editor
★ Funny and cute toaster outfits to unlock
★ Dozen of stats to reflect your abilities and speed
★ Tons of achievements to chase
★ Multiple leaderboards to climb & beat friends and family in
★ Piles of bread crumbs!

Toaster Swipe is undoubtedly an indie game, containing no IAP purchases, so all the fun submissions are available for free if your abilities and reflexes are perfect enough to unlock it!

Don’t lose time waiting for bread to acquire stale, swipe to toast now!

Fun Gameplay
The core gameplay objective should be to dash between slices of bread to recharge jump power of the tiny toaster character. Missing multiple toast opportunities and exercise session will ruin the climate of the toaster & you’ll have to start over from the beginning in the level.
Main goal in challenge levels is usually to dash between obstacles like cookies, donuts, forks and rehearse jam boosts and occasional breaks to attain the gold toast. No need to collect all slices of bread or quickly rush for fastest time, nonetheless it helps if you would like be the best! In the addictive endless mode routes you have to think quick and swipe fast to dodge between pseudo-random obstacle sets to leave the creeping avalanche of gum, that may chase your little toaster increasing its speed after some time.

Easy Controls
This game offers easy one finger swipe controls (however you can comfortably use both your hands on a tablet). Think about the trajectory needed to succeed in the next slice of bread, bounce off a wall or possibly a bagel and quickly drag the touch with an angle to produce our little hero as direction. Aiming the jump while transferring the air requires fast reaction & good reflexes, but playing more will allow you to master toasting skills!

Quick tip: jumping in the walls for a downwards angle will result inside a wall-slide rather then bouncing off. Use this from the challenges, the place you go from the superior to bottom or when you really need to decrease to aim your next dash.

Jars of jam will there be to help you dodge between tight obstacle gaps launching toast machine for a fixed angle and collecting coffee will permit taking a short break to aim and have a speed boost for the following jump.

Level Editor
Do you imagine you can make better levels than me? I bet one does! Hop in the level editor (free & available instantly) and commence creating challenging routes from cookies, donuts, rotating forks, breadstick gates, tricky portals, jam pads, respawning toasts and all sorts of other items, which are inside game. You can change object size, angle, flip them around or set different movement options. When done, playtest and upload the particular level for easy sharing having an unique code!

I hope you’ll to enjoy my little game! Good luck!



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